Let The Music Flow

Let The Music Flow
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JUPITER, FL – May 1, 2018 – The music is flowing through the air like waves and people from all different backgrounds and experience levels are coming together to enjoy the sound.

Justin Hucker, owner and operator of Live Music Community (LMC) based in Jupiter, is an experienced performer and current instructor who’s trying to help young musicians discover who they want to become. “I want to help beginner musicians learn the basics of being in a 100-percent real, local live band, [and] I want the kids to make their own choices,” says Hucker.

In his experience, he says kids are most likely to work harder on a goal they set for themselves, compared to a goal someone else sets for them.  

“I want to help beginner musicians learn the basics of being in a 100-percent real, local live band.”

According to their website, LMC is an after-school music program dedicated to helping young musicians grow. They pride themselves on teaching students to appreciate music, learn new instruments, and share their love for music with others. Hucker says he wants to have an environment where kids can learn and have options and guidance of their own, rather than directions. Since the organization formed four years ago, Hucker has had bands ranging from jazz to rock, including cover bands, original artists, solo musicians, and much more. However, none of this would have been possible without the support Hucker has received.

Live Music Community in Jupiter FL

LEFT ABOVE AND BELOW: Deadbeats and Unemployed Youth are some of the bands that have been nurtured by the members of the Live Music Community. RIGHT: Justin Hucker, owner and operator of Live Music Community, instructs others with a similar passion for music, so that they can develop their respective talents.

“It was the support from the people that believed in me and the idea. You can’t do anything in life without support. Between my wife, friends, family, fans, and referrals, I had a huge network of people that helped me succeed,” he mentions.

With the support of the community being the backbone of LMC, it’s no wonder Hucker prefers to keep everything local. LMC students have gained multiple opportunities to play on local stages and events such as the Wild 95.5 Brew & Chew opening for Rita Ora, at The Kelsey Theater opening for Koo Koo Kangaroo, Food Truck Invasions, SunFest, and many other settings. All of the bands, however, play a variety of paid, exposure, and charity gigs to learn every avenue of expanding their band.  

LMC opens their arms to everyone and strives to have each student feeling confident in their own abilities and inspired to keep moving forward. They offer private lessons for students until they are ready to start their own band or join one. Once they’re in a band, they choose their genre, band name, song list, image, etc. From there is where the magic happens. The students write, record, and perform regularly, depending on their personal and group goals.

“This place is pure magic, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else now [since] I’ve seen what it can do,” says Hucker.  

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By: Nicole Trejo-Valli on May 01, 2018
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