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Welcome to the home page of The Information Center of Jupiter, Florida Guides!

Jupiter is a beautiful beach town known for its waves, sea turtles, boating, fine dining and shopping, coupled with magnificent views and raw, natural beauty. If you are either a resident or visitor, we have a variety of comprehensive guides containing every bit of information you need to live and breath like a Jupiterian while enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of our seaside town.

Whether you’re looking to find out about the latest events around town, or want to visit some of the greatest beaches that South Florida has to offer, or want to revel in the majestic view at the top of the famed Jupiter Lighthouse, or learn and indulge in the culinary wonders that Jupiter offers, we’ve got you covered here.

The guides below provide the top resources for Jupiter, FL beaches, restaurants, parks, hotels, churches, baseball stadiums, real estate, golfing, surfing, marina and boat rental, health and wellness, and relocation businesses.  

Although we may not take up a hefty place on the map, we are one that you will never forget – just ask any Jupiter local.

Things to Do in Jupiter Florida

Unsure of what to do today in Jupiter Florida? We have a list of things to do to choose from!


Jupiter Florida Golf Guide

A golfer's paradise. Check out this list of Jupiter’s renowned golf courses, both public and private.


Jupiter Florida Baseball Guide

We have two first-rate stadiums in PBC. Get the stats here.


Jupiter Florida Church Guide

The following is an inclusive guide to the houses of worship located in Jupiter, Florida.


Jupiter Florida Relocation Guide

Moving to Jupiter? This Guide will make the transition as stress-free as possible.


Jupiter Florida Hotel Guide

This guide to Jupiter’s resorts and hotels will help you find your home-away-from-home.


Jupiter Florida Restaurants Guide

Hungry? Learn about the many dining options that Jupiter has to offer


Jupiter Florida Marinas & Boat Rentals Guide

Whether you need to dock your boat or are looking to rent one, we've got you covered.


Jupiter Florida Parks Guide

Find out about Jupiter's extensive line up of parks in our handy guide.