Eyes On The Road

Eyes On The Road
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JUPITER, FL – June 27, 2018 – In our beautiful state of Florida, it is prohibited to text while driving, although enforcement would have to pull you over for another offense first. At the moment, it is only considered a secondary offense in Florida even though it can lead to a fatal disaster. So here are some statistics to curb the urge to pick up your device while driving and avoiding a ticket, or worse even, potential disasters.

  • 39 states have laws that ban sending text messages while driving
  • 23 times increased the likelihood that the text messaging will cause a crash, compared to driving while not distracted
  • 4.6 seconds pass when a driver's eye leave the road to text at 55 mph. It's like driving the length of a football field
  • 89 percent of American adults think sending text messages or emails while driving is distracting, dangerous, or should be outlawed
  • 48 percent of kids ages 12-17 have been in a car while the driver is texting
  • 49 percent of drivers ages 21-24 send text messages and emails while driving
3 Types of Distracted Driving:


Anything that takes one or both hands off the wheel. This includes eating or drinking, adjusting car settings, and reaching for objects in the car, such as purses or wallets.


When drivers take their eyes off the road, such as in-vehicle distractions, consulting a GPS device, and staring at a roadside crash, major attractions, billboards or pedestrians.


Anything that takes your mind off of the road. For instance, talking to passengers, talking on cell phones/Bluetooth, and allowing your mind to wander.

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By: Margo Commette on Jun 27, 2018
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