A Guaranteed Good Time

A Guaranteed Good Time
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JUPITER, FL – March 2, 2018 – InJupiter Magazine celebrated its one-year anniversary in style. The courtyard of Evo Italian was once again overrun with local public figures and celebrities, centering around one in particular – the man with the Super Bowl guarantee – Joe Namath. 

Shari Fox, Lee Fox, Tamra Fitzgerald, Michelle Noga

Jemma Namath

Deedra Ryder and Brett Staska

Doug Commette, Stephen Asprinio, Margo Commette

Kevin and Chrissy Crago, Doug and Kelly Parkey 

Dan Reedy, Joe Namath, Celesta Clark, Paul J. Segedin Jr. 

Gilly Gonzales and Carlos Chaumer

Heather Westrol, Teresa and Keith Wrigley, Randy Westrol


Steve Cripe, Tom Stewart, Joe Namath

Aileen Roblero, Jonathan Buch, Bea Sallabi, and Ann Parisi 

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By: Juan Sagarbarria on Feb 02, 2018
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Issue: March/April 2018
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