Treasure Coast Veterinarian Launches In-Home Practice For Stress-Free Animal Care

Treasure Coast Veterinarian Launches In-Home Practice For Stress-Free Animal Care

Stuart, Fla. – (December 4, 2018) – A new veterinary practice on the Treasure Coast has introduced a way to eliminate the hassle of bundling your pet into a car and bringing it into a doctor’s office for medical care. Dr. Johanna Wade, DVM, recently launched Wade Veterinary Services, a mobile veterinary practice that focuses exclusively on house calls. Loading up pets into a vehicle and transporting them for care can be a trial for both the pet and the owner. The new practice eases the pressure for both. In-home care also allows for a more relaxed, personalized visit, with pet owners able to have their all their questions answered without the time pressure of an in-office visit.  

“Having an animal clinic pull up to your front door is hard to beat. Owners really enjoy not having to waste time sitting in a waiting room, and the process is much less stressful for the pet. More importantly, we often get additional and more accurate data when we can evaluate an animal in its regular environment,” Wade said. “We can better understand what you see in your home. Owners have really noticed a difference.” 

Wade Veterinary Services treats cats, dogs, large animals, sheep, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs – even backyard chickens in Martin County and along the Treasure Coast. Services include wellness exams, vaccinations, geriatric and hospice care, euthanasia and related consultation services, behavioral consultations, nutritional consultations, and herd health for farm animals.

“Geriatric and hospice care are fast-growing needs for pet owners,” said Wade. “Just like humans, there can be many diseases and conditions associated with an aging pet, and there are a lot of things that can be done at home to keep pets comfortable as they age.” 

When treatment is no longer an option and owners face a difficult decision, in-home euthanasia is also a less stressful way for both pets and owners to deal with an end-of-life situation. Owners and their families are able to gather together on their own schedule, in private, and peacefully commemorate the passing of a beloved pet.  

Dr. Wade is a fourth-generation Floridian who grew up in West Palm Beach. She received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Florida and holds a bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation. She is a member of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Martin County Veterinary Medical Association. Wade also volunteers at the Treasure Coast Wildlife Center, treating injured wildlife pro-bono in hopes of releasing them back into the wild.

She resides in Palm City with her husband. For more information visit or call 772-218-0665

By: InFlorida Staff on Dec 05, 2018
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