Peter Robbins to Run for Jupiter Town Council

Peter Robbins to Run for Jupiter Town Council
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Jupiter’s lighthouse has guided ships and travelers for more than a century, and it helped guide Peter Robbins to find a place to start a family.

“When my wife and I looked around Palm Beach County, we knew right away that Jupiter was the perfect place for us,” says Robbins. “This community is safe, beautiful and has a ton to offer. And as soon as we moved here, I knew right away that I wanted to get involved and help make Jupiter an even better place.”

Robbins lives in the Shores with his wife and two young children. He works at NextEra Energy, serves on the Board of Trustees of the Arc of Palm Beach County, and is a member of Jupiter’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The family has two rescue dogs, and has fostered other rescue dogs to help find them homes. Community service is just part of his family’s DNA.

After three years on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Robbins has decided to run for Jupiter Town Council. He’ll be on the ballot on Tuesday, March 12.

“People have asked me why I would get into politics at such a contentious time,” Robbins says. “But there’s a big difference between politics and government. My focus is on government, making it work better, smarter, and more efficient for our residents and families.”

Among the issues Robbins intends to focus on are protecting green space and open space, ensuring public safety is protected through innovative police work, and continued investments in our community.

“We have to protect our green space,” says Robbins. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone. As a Planning and Zoning Commissioner, I have prioritized protecting green space and open space, focusing on smart and innovative projects that protect our town’s character and charm.”

Robbins says he supports an initiative that will set aside up to

$20 million for the Town Council to use to preserve and protect open space. The Town Council recently voted to put the issue on the March 12 ballot.

Robbins says Jupiter’s popularity brings some challenges, but they are good ones to have. “People who are from south Florida, who already live in paradise, come to Jupiter to dine, shop, enjoy our waterfront and have fun. Businesses want to open their doors here. We’re an active, thriving community and we have to protect our coastal charm while continuing to showcase what we have to offer.”  •

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